MyPervyFamily Mellanie Monroe - Maybe StepFamily Reunions Aren't So Bad

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1544   9 months ago
My Step-Aunt Mellanie Monroe is soooooo hot. I can't help but oogle her at our family reunion. When we go back to the hotel she confides in me that her divorce with my uncle was very rough & she's lonely. I leave & come back a little later only to find my step-aunt in the midst of a shower. Her tits are so big and her ass is so juicy! I can't help myself, I start jerking it. But she catches me! I am for sure going to be in so much shit. Or so I thought until she pulled her towel off to show me that beautiful body. She started kissing me and before I knew it my step-aunt was caressing my cock with her mouth! She got on top of me and started twerking her phat ass all over my dick, I could barely hold it. I started fucking my step-aunt hard in doggystyle - I don't think my uncle ever fucked her like that but she had an intense orgasm from all that pounding. I kept fucking my step-aunt until she encouraged me to pull out and cum all over her hot body!
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